Monday, June 18, 2012

Do you miss the innocence of the game?

     Way back when I first started playing 5 years ago near the end of the Burning Crusade the first character I ever played was a hunter. Now this was no ordinary hunter this was before the advent of all the new talent changes simplified the system. This was a BM/Surv/MM hunter by level 30, most people will know this is not the way to make a good leveling spec. Back then new players had the option to put talents in any tree when they got them so being a new player I just put them in whatever talents seemed good. This is one of my first innocent experiences with the game. The others came later, namely 10 levels later. Back then whenever I leveled to a new zone I always had to go to the community site to see where to go next there was no Heroes Call Board to tell me where to go so I needed to know where to go. I also remember going to the dungeon and raids page and drooling over all the instances I hadn't seen yet and eagerly waiting until I could get to that suggested level range where I could play them. I even remember not knowing about the boats from Auberdine and trying to run to Stormwind through the Badlands, Searing Gorge, and Burning Steppes at a mere level 16 and getting absolutely massacred by every mob with that oh so ominous "skull" icon instead of a level. These are just my leveling experiences.
      I remember when getting to Outland meant leveling got way way easier because the XP needed to level had just been nerved and the quests rewarded more XP than any of the old world quests did. And finally moving onto Northrend presented this whole new area of magic and stories that I soaked up just so I would know what was going on when I hit 80. Then the pinnacle of all of this is when I finally hit 80 (a mere year later after rolling that hunter) and I got to attempt raiding. I remember joining my first guild and listening to their vent conversations while they did Naxxramas, and my first pug when my dps was terrible and I realized that I hadn't trained in Black Arrow since rank 1.... Also this was back when spells had ranks that needed to be trained. And finally after all my blunders with my hunter my second 80 arose and this was my current main Myramensgone the protection warrior. By the time this toon was 80 I knew more about the game and was able to really raid and I will never forget what it was like to approached Kel'Thuzad for the first time with that portuguese raiding guild I was with at the time (but thats a whole other story) and after a few attempts finally downing my first end boss ever.
     Now a days with all of the streamlined quests, revamped talent tree's, and raid finder I ask you do you miss the innocence of the game?

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