Friday, June 15, 2012

If My Main Was an NPC

     In response to Blog Azeroth's Shared Topic here is what I would like if my main was an NPC.
My main is my 85 orc warrior Myramensgone. In spirit with his name I would like him to hang out in the inn in Orgrimmar and dispense a bi-weekly quest that forces you to go back to an old dungeon or raid to kill a boss. The reason my main will be sending you on this quest is because he thinks that the boss your ordered to kill is the person that has stolen his "ramen". Some sample quest text:
Greetings hero,
Some devilish creature has gone and stolen my ramen! 
Now I know this is very shocking and appalling I hope 
these actions do not offend you but I think that I have
found the culprit this time!
<Insert Boss Name Here> of <Insert Instance Name Here>
has stolen it I just know it! Please go and slay him and bring me his head 
and "hopefully" my ramen as proof of the deed!
Now go!
       My Main would give you this quest every two weeks and as a special reward the boss would have a random chance to drop his ramen and turning this in would give you a bag that had gold and gems in it much like the call to arms bag. So every other week you had to go kill an old boss and try to find his ramen and if you did you got a bag of goodies if not better luck next week! But don't worry even if you find the ramen he's pretty forgetful and will most likely get it stolen by the next time the quest is given :).

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  1. Hehe, nice idea. Thx for joining in the ST :)